Joanna (Starosta) Morrissey

At the young age of fourteen Joanna Starosta (now Joanna Morrissey) discovered the myriad ways of expression through oil painting. Her passion for art finds its origin in her ability to explore her emotions and dreams on canvas.

She is self-employed and a self-taught artist who rediscovered her appreciation of nature during her stay in Italy and Spain. The warmth, light and richness of colours found in Mediterranean has given her a perfect environment to stimulate and increase her love for painting.

While living in Ireland since 2006, Joanna has integrated new techniques into her work which has also enhanced her distinctive style. This beautiful country has awakened her dormant passion and love for animals. Consequently, this significant transformation of interest reflects itself in Joanna’s art, giving real and very honest expression on canvas. 

Joanna’s wish is to make memories last forever and to leave her art for the future generations.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” 

-Anatole France